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Just to brief you, we at Kushalbagh Marbles (P) Limited, are India's leading stone manufacturing unit. We are India's largest manufacturer of ready to use polished tiles (annual production of about 5 million sq.ft.) and one of the largest producers of stone slabs (annual production of about 7.5 million sq.ft.). Our product range includes all kind of marbles, granites, sandstone, slates, etc. we've our own stone quarries in many colors. Let me give a product wise detail:-


At KUSHALBAGH, we make pre-polished ready to fix tiles that are chamfered and grooved for easy fixing.The tiles are of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 20mm thickness. They are produced in various sizes,  24×12, 18×18, 16×16 12×12. We do polish and hone finish on all of them and antique on some of them as well as we laminate & mat finish on all of them and antique finish on some of them. It provides a perfect design and there is a regular supply of uniform product for your projects.

Ready to Use Tiles



We provide slabs of thickness > 15mm. We can provide rough, honed polished or antique finished surface on all types of stones.


Machine are used in so many purpose such as in polishing of slabs,cross cuttter,manual polishers and calibrating machines etc.


Raw Blocks


We've quarries in name of our sister concerns like Tripura Sundari and Classic Marbles to ensure regular supply of good blocks to our customers.


We also manufacture special sizes on request of our customer. All of the above are manufactured by quality machinery and highly trained staff fully committed to the company's goal of providing quality products to their clients. Strict quality control measures with personal supervision results in a perfect product which satisfies all our customers in many countries in all parts of the world.

Cut To Size

We'll be very glad to supply you our material and we assure you best prices & workmanship available in the market. Our capacity, experience, quality and prices are more than enough criterion to choose our product and us. We assure you that like many others around the world you'll be satisfied customer of Kushalbagh Group...
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