Dholpur Beige Sandstone

Dholpur Beige Sandstone

Dholpur Beige Sandstone


Dholpur Beige Sandstone, this sandstone is being quarried and used from centuries and a number of historical buildings and monuments due to its regular bedding, uniform grain size, suitable nature and durability. This buff white colored sandstone has minor purple-colored veins which are prominent only when wet and looks really attractive. Due to its soft nature, it is also used in stone handicrafts and it is fit for both exterior and interior use.

Kushalbagh Marbles is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Dholpur Beige Sandstone. We are exporting Dholpur Beige Sandstone to over 20 countries all over the world. We supply Slabs, Tiles and other cut sizes of Dholpur Beige Sandstone.


Dholpur Beige Sandstone Surface Finish available


Both Surface Natural

One Surface Natural & One Surface Calibrated

One Surface honed/Polished & one Surface Natural

One Surface honed/Polished & one Surface calibrated.

One Surface Sand Blast & one Surface Natural

One Surface Sand Blast & one Surface calibrated


Dholpur Beige Sandstone Edges are available

All four edges Hand Cut / Hand Chiselled

All Four edges Machine cut / Sawn


Dholpur Beige Sandstone Tiles are available

Over Size: 300×300, 300×600, 600×450, 600×750, 600×900 (mm)

Under Size: 280×280, 560×280,560×420,560×560,560×700,560×840 (mm)


Dholpur Beige Sandstone Thicknesses are available

15 mm to 50 mm with a tolerance of ±5mm ( For Natural surface only )

18 mm to 600 mm with a tolerance of ±2mm ( For Both sides Sawn only)


Dholpur Beige Sandstone Slab Sizes are available

Cut to size slabs Up to 2200 mm length and 1200 mm width

Tailor Made sizes are also being supplied in the required surface & edge finish


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