Granite Tombstone

Granite Tombstone

Granite Tombstone


We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading global Exporter of Indian Granite Tombstone and Monuments. We specialise in procuring high-quality Granite and creating headstones and monuments with excellent craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide our customers with high-quality stones at competitive price shipped on-time. We have been consistently producing a comprehensive line of products for our clients in All over the world.


Tombstone other names:

Granite Tombstone, Black Granite Tombstone, Gravestone, Headstone, Stone, Grave Marker, Memorial, Monument and Obelisk.


Tombstone Available Size

The standard size for a grave marker typically depends upon the grave plot.  There are general standard sizes for single, double or infant plots.


A standard size for a single grave is

16” by 8”

24” by 12”

28” by 16”

36” by 18” (centred over 2 side by side graves)

44” by 14” (centred over 2 side by side graves)


These sizes are just general standard dimensions, but you should check with your cemetery what regulations they have about memorial markers before purchasing a grave marker.


Thickness: 10 – 15 mm, 12 – 18 mm, 15 – 20 mm, 20 – 25 mm up to 150 mm thick


Sizes and Thickness can be customizing according needs.


Suggested Granite for Tombstone:


Granite is without a doubt the most adaptable material. It’s available in a variety of colours and finishes and is the most durable stone of all. Due to its wide availability it’s also the cheapest. Dark color Granites are mostly preferable. Our most popular suggest marbles for Tombstones are:


  1. Absolute Black Granite
  2. Impala Black Granite
  3. Ruby Red Granite
  4. New Imperial Red Granite
  5. Jhansi Red Granite
  6. Lakha Red Granite
  7. Tan Brown Granite
  8. Blue Pearl Granite

Other Granites


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