Rainforest Green Marble

Rainforest Green Marble

Rainforest Green Marble

Rainforest Green Marble from India

Rainforest Green is sold mostly as marble, but it’s actually a lesser known stone type called Serpentinite. It is harder than normal marble. This stone is quarried from Rajasthan, India.

Characteristics in veining and movement will tend to vary between shipments depending on the portion of the quarry from which the stone was extracted. Due to this stones quality, the slabs are book-matched, in which slab one and slab two will be cut and polished to create a mirror image of each other.

Available Finishes: Polished, Antique, Honed, Tumbled

Rainforest Green Marble is available in following sizes

  1. 12”x12”
  2. 12”x24”
  3. 16”x16”
  4. 18”x18”
  5. 12”x6”
  6. Slabs 180x90cm and up and 240x120cm and up.
  7. Blocks of big and small size.

Apart from that we can make custom made orders for counter tops, thresholds, steps and risers, etc. of Rainforest Green marble.

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