Pink Onyx Marble


Pink Onyx Marble

Pink Onyx Marble from India

Pink Onyx Marble also known Lady Onyx Pink Marble is one of the most exported marble from India. Consisting of a pinkish white base with whirls of green and pink this Pink Onyx Marble is certainly an elegant creation from nature.

Kushalbagh Marbles Private Limited exports Lady Onyx Pink Marble to more than 20 countries around the world.

Lady Onyx Marble is available in following sizes

  1. 12”x12”
  2. 12”x24”
  3. 16”x16”
  4. 18”x18”
  5. 12”x6”
  6. Slabs 180x90cm and up and 240x120cm and up.
  7. Blocks of big and small size.

Apart from that we can make custom made orders for counter tops, thresholds, steps and risers, etc. of Lady Onyx marble.

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